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Permanently appointed in Chatham County Georgia's Superior and State Courts, as well as Federal Court.

We may also serve in other courts by submitting a request to the necessary court judge. Please contact me for more information if you have a Chatham County Magistrate Court case or court case outside of Chatham County. 

Normal process service within Chatham County, Georgia:           $75.00
(This includes four (4) attempts and filing the return of service in with the listed court)

Wait times:                                                                                      $30.00/hour
(If we are required to wait an hour or more to serve an individual/business, etc.) 

Mileage if service is outside of Chatham County, Georgia:          $0.65/mile

Skiptrace/Asset/Locating services:                                               $75.00 per search

Mobile notary:     Please contact me to discuss your needs.


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